Zimbabwean Policeman Sends Wife Bedroom Pics With His Girlfriend With Big Backside

……. threatens to burn her alive

A CREEPY husband is in the habit of sending nude pictures of himself and his well-endowed girlfriend to his wife, just to spite her.

Canisius Taziveyi and his wife Theresa Mabutho are both police officers but the level of abuse exhibited by Taziveyi is at another level. As such they have since gone on separation but he sends nude pictures of himself and his bootylicious girlfriend to his estranged wife as a form of emotional abuse.

At one point, taking a break from sending nudes, he threatened to burn her alive with a petrol bomb.

Knowing that her husband was a “doer” she applied for a peace order before he petrol bombed her, as he had threatened to.

“I have a problem with my husband whom we are legally married but we are now on separation as he moved to stay with another woman by the name of Massie Dube in Nkulumane.

“He emotionally abuses me by sending Unclad photos of him and his girlfriend. He is in the habit of insulting and degrading me in front of my neighbours and workmates,” she said in court.

She further revealed that he also threatened to burn her alive using a petrol bomb and has taken all their matrimonial property.

“He took some property saying he was sharing it. He moved away with all his clothes, two motor vehicles, pool table and marriage certificate. He is very violent and damaged my property which includes 18 windows, 42 inch television, plates and pots.

“He takes my phone and starts sending vulgar messages to my friends to tarnish my image. I am a human being and I will end up retaliating so I request the long arm of the law to help. I reported at work since we are both police officers,” she said.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted the order. The respondent has to stay away from applicant’s place of residence and must not physically, verbally, emotionally abuse and threaten the applicant.