Questions Set on 15th April JAMB UTME

Some few questions include


Sweet Sixteen (10) question. Tokunbo’s full name, Mr Bello football club, was quite easy. Country known for loving fat women.

Ans Mauritania.

1. When was Councilor portfolio created.

2. Nigeria had how many states in 1996

3.Organ that has a binding decision in UNO

How Old was FoFo? 14 years.

Streetism was displayed by?

Ans. Odarley.


What do people say I am? Which came first?
Elijah, John the Baptist or the prophets.

Jesus behavior towards the law of Moses -Confrontational or Complimentary.

English. Stress on con-vo-CA-tion, ma-TRI-cu-la-tion.

Economis….mximum nd minimum prices….price discrimintion…