Update On The Woman Deported From Germany At Midnight With Her 3 Kids (Pix)

The Nigerian woman with 3 children deported from Germany has been given an apartment by a good Nigerian called Prince Kazeem Eletu.

New 2 Videos have emerged after the lady cried out after her midnight deportation.

One she opens more about her ordeal, her husband and the Problems she her with her husband while in Italy before she moved to Germany.

Another video showing them in the apartment given to them.

Naija360 had earlier reported about the Nigerian woman from Edo state who was stranded in Lagos and cried out after she was deported from Germany at midnight.

The lady claimed she did nothing, that the German authorities said she didn’t have a Nigerian passport.

She was deported with her 3 children – 2 boys and a girl. The children were asked to speak German language, which they did in the video.

Watch the video of them in the new apartment given to them