Department Of Public Health | University Of Calabar Anthem Download

After a successful award night on 17th March 2019, the Kator David Redefined Excos 2018/2019 introduced the department’s anthem. Its the first of it kind in the department


*Public Health Anthem*


*Solo 1:*
In the world we live
With humans everywhere
And we value our lives on earth
We say health is wealth
We desire we all stay strong
And safe in this world we live.

Oh…. Public health
Public health
We promote, we protect, we prevent.

*Solo 2*:
Your health is our concern
Including your mental health
Psychological and social health
To enforce a healthy life
It is an environment that’s safe
And ensure your health is at the best.

*Solo 3:*
With the passion in our hearts
That we preach health everywhere
And we save mankind in this world
By addressing health issues
And involving the people
Our creator being our source of strength.

Courtesy Solutionclass

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